How do I..?

Sometimes things in Discord are confusing. They're confusing to me too! Going to put some specific Bobchannel related questions up here, and how to resolve them!

...Later, that is. I just wanted to get something published.

We'll always help you in the server, though!


  • If you want access to BCY (nsfw stuff), just ask! It's out there and not a secret, it's just opt-in. You will not see any NSFW channels without a given role.
  • Use #bot-stuff to request ranks, including pronouns, species, and games you play.
  • There are more game channels than just general! They require ranks to see, which you can request from Davenport. They're hidden to keep clutter down, not to limit access.
  • Davenport responds to commands starting with ?, for example: ?help
  • Ranks are just roles that anyone can request.
  • If you want to alert people in a game group that you are looking to group up and play a game, just @mention the role.
  • You can create an invite link from the #the-new-friends channel if you have the 'trusted' role. Click the +Person looking icon.
  • There is a wiki too that will gradually get filled out! It will have more specific information, whereas this is just kind of a public facing infosite.