No really though

While that up there may be part of the template it's actually kind of true and cool. Fish are great.

This site is still a work in progress and I'll be adding in all the role info, how and why we do things, and maybe details about all the secret yiff yaff zones. Or maybe that will just go on the wiki.

We have a server management bot named Davenport, running Dynobot. Septapus is, of course, also here. Buttbot and an old IRC Markov bot named Bobbot are also available.

I will say that you are encouraged to go into the #bot-stuff channel and use ?ranks to show the list of personal ranks, including pronouns, species/character, interested games, and currently attended cons.

The latter two will open up hidden channels for discussion to avoid too much clutter!

Pictured at right: what chatting on the internet looks like!

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